Vehicle Safety

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Fort Wayne Harley Davidson

Fort Wayne Harley Davidson Ride Safe

Ride Safe

We focused this year on “dressing for the slide, not the ride”, with appropriate riding gear.

Lutheran Health Network

car safety seat

Vehicle Safety

According to SafeKids Worldwide, vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death and injury for American children and correctly used child safety seats can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71 percent. Unfortunately, almost 60 percent of car seats are not used or installed correctly. Lutheran Children’s Hospital can help you ensure that your child is riding safely.

bicycle safety hazard warning sign

Bicycle Safety

Know the rules of the road and how to find the right size helmet for your biking needs.

safety first

Car Safety

Plan ahead for long trips and prepare for emergencies. Check weather and road conditions from local radio and television broadcasts. Only drive in severe weather if absolutely necessary. 

Vehicle Emergency Supply Kit

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Safety Tips for ATV Riding

Off-road Vehicle Safety Courses

ORV education is currently required in many states. An approved ORV safety course is required to comply with the laws and regulations in those jurisdictions. Depending on your age, you may be required to have the Indiana ORV Safety Certificate. Riding an ATV is meant to be fun – so don’t ruin it by getting hurt in an accident. Wear the right gear when riding to keep you safe and ride home at the end of the day

Ride Safe. Ride Home – ATV safety tips | Indiana DNR

“Gone Too Soon” Kenny’s Story – ATV safety | Indiana DNR

Wear Your Helmet! | Indiana DNR

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Wear your life vest.

Boating Education & Safety

Boater education prevents accidents and saves lives. Whether or not their state requires it, all boaters have a responsibility to learn about boat operation, communications, navigation, and life-saving techniques before taking to the water. Statistics bear out what logic suggests—those without boater education put themselves and others at risk.

The Handbook of Indiana Boating Laws and Responsibilities

“Rewind” – Wear It Indiana! | Indiana DNR

Top 5 Boating Violations | Indiana DNR

Drunk Boating Becomes Drunk Driving | Indiana DNR

Stay Safe on the Water – Wear It Indiana! | Indiana DNR

Allen County Office of Homeland Security

winter safety

Car Break Downs in a Snow Storm

Winter storms can bring not only large amounts of snow, but also extreme cold, high winds, freezing rain and ice. They can cause downed trees, make roads or walkways incredibly dangerous, and cause power outages that can last for several days. Public transportation can be affected and schools and childcare facilities might be closed. On top of all this, winter storms increase the risks of car accidents, hypothermia, frostbite, carbon monoxide poisonings and heart attacks. It’s important to know how to keep yourself, your family and your home safe. Here are some steps you can take to prepare yourself before that brutal storm hits.

Allen County Office of Homeland Security

tractor on road

Indiana Harvest Season Driving Tips

Farm equipment incidents most commonly occur on public roadways, according to the National Ag Safety Database. With fall harvest season soon upon us, it’s important for rural drivers and farm equipment operators to share the road. Remain alert at all times and be considerate of each other. Here are some good driving tips to keep in mind during harvest season. John Deere Green is a common site in Allen County during harvest season. Give ‘em room to work, slow down, be patient. Smile, wave, and tip your hat to the man up on that tractor. Hard working farmers are key to keeping our local economy strong.

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